Proteus Taiwan Commercial Treadmill ProMaster T12

Original price was: ₹732,500.00.Current price is: ₹399,999.00.


  • Motor: AC 4.5 HP / MCB: AC inverter
  • Speed Range: 1~22 km/hr
  • Elevation: 0~15 level
  • Running Surface: 56×160 cm
  • Running Deck : “675×1470×25.4 mm with 8-piece-elastomer cushion”
  • Running Belt: 560×3320×2.2 mm
  • Machine Size: 2225×1030×1640 mm
  • N.W. / G.W. : 174.28 kg / 200.53 kg
  • Max. User Weight: 180 kg

Monitor (Standard LED version)

  • Display: 2, 8 x 20 LED matrix windows  and 16 characters message window
  • Function: Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Heart Rate, Incline
  • Program: 1 Manual, 2 HRC, 3 User, 5 Preset, THR, age, and personal “CUSTOMIZE” setup
  • Quick speed key: 4-7-12-16
  • Quick incline key: 4-7-11-15


A design based on Ergonomics, the ProMaster T12 is like a reliable friend who can always keep you cozy company when you need it. Now, get a chance to know this friend and you will never regret it!


Touched heart:

  • Worry about how to move this big guy?? Promaster T12 is equipped with two 10 cm diameter moving wheels, which can give you a huge hand!
  • Aluminum alloy extruded side rails are designed with an Ergonomics of 7° inclination, the best angle between the human body and fitness equipment during a workout.
  • Not only for storage but the large space compartments are also designed on the slope to keep the mobile phone steady, both can be removed for cleaning without disassembling the whole console.
  • The 0°~9°incline angle stands out above the rest, and the adjusted foot buffer at the tail ensures the Rock-Steady-Incline at high speed.



  • Even a “decorated” sticker on an upright tube is damp-proof, a combination of power and delicacy, Aluminum Alloy formed ProMaster T12 is an art of fashion.
  • Conductive rubber hand pulse perfectly fits on large PU foaming handlebars, not only providing quick and accurate readings, but the textures also guarantee great comfort on use and exclusive appearance.
  • Whole-Cover protected motor hood and capacitive touch sense keys integrate a style of authenticity and elegance.



  • A Never-Losing safety key secures the user’s safety during the workout.
  • Aluminum Alloy anti-slippery landing extrusion creates stable and safe strides.
  • 10-piece impact absorption system to prevent injury & lower stress on joints or the body.
  • The shockproof suspension system has with noise-prevention design; running on ProMaster T12 is as smooth as running outside!

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