Water Rowing Machine VFR-90


  • Size: L*1840 X W*900 X H*1651 mm
  • Net Weight: 55kgs
  • Maximum User Weight: 140 kgs

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1 in stock

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Velocity Fitness’s state-of-the-art Water Rower VFR-90, harnesses the power of water to provide smooth and even resistance for a workout that not only delivers the physiological dynamics of rowing, but also the aesthetic pleasure. Our stylish design is built to last, while maintaining our commitment to eco-friendliness.

  • Renowned design:

Crafted from premium materials, our rowing machines are the perfect blend of luxury, style and fitness. User friendly and ergo dynamic features include adjustable footrests, a comfortable seat and soft easy grip handles.

  • Full body workout and high calorie burn:

Our rowing machine uses 84% of your muscle mass from your finger tips to the balls of your feet making the water rower unrivalled in benefit derived per unit of time. Our water rower is designed to maximize gain in minimum time with a far lower perceived level of exertion than other aerobic exercises.

  • Improves your health:

Water Rower VFR-90 is best for arthritis as moving the joints through a full range of motion aids joint lubrication, joint mobility and overall joint health, all while invigorating the body and relaxing the mind making the water rower enjoyable to use.

  • Multi purpose:

Stylish design and compact footprint make the Water Rower a compliment to any environment, be it your home gym, health club, fitness studios or gyms.

  • High Quality Material:

The paddles are made of high-strength PE material that does not rust, and the sizing is smooth with no jamming and jarring. The sliding rail contains PU rollers, which has good toughness and smooth sliding.

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