Yonex ArcSaber 73 Light Badminton Racket (78 Grams, 30 lbs. Tension)


Expertise Level Intermediate
Weight (Grams) 77 (+ /- 2)
Balance Point Head Heavy
Flex Hi-Flex
Grip Size G4 (3.25 inches)
Material H.M. Full Graphite
Stringing Advice 20 – 30lbs
Country of Origin China
Stringing Status Company Strung
 Full Cover Yes

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Yonex Arcsaber 73 Light Badminton Racquet is designed for beginners and intermediates who want fast speed and high repulsion for smash and rallies. Super Slim Shaft Reduced Air Resistance The slimmest racquet ever produced by YONEX vastly reduces air resistance whilst providing maximum feel.

The Yonex Arcsaber 73 Light is designed to provide a combination of speed, power, and control, making it a suitable choice for players looking to enhance their game, especially in terms of smashes and rallies. However, it’s essential to consider your playing style and skill level when choosing a badminton racket, as different racquets may be more suitable for specific preferences and abilities.

  • Super Slim Shaft: This design greatly reduces air resistance during your swings, making it easier for players to generate high racquet head speed. This enhanced speed can result in faster and more powerful shots, especially smashes.
  • Air Resistance Reduction: By minimizing air resistance, players can move the racket through the air more swiftly, allowing for quicker responses to the shuttlecock and improved maneuverability.
  • High Repulsion:  Repulsion is the ability of the racquet to return the shuttlecock quickly and with force, making it essential for strong smashes and effective rallies. This characteristic is particularly beneficial for players who want to maintain control of the game and apply pressure on their opponents.
  • Maximum Feel: A good feel allows players to have better control over their shots, enabling them to make precise placements and execute different types of shots with ease.
  • Weight Class: Lighter racquets are often preferred by beginners and intermediate players because they are more maneuverable and can help improve your reaction time.

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