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The inner part of our polyurethane training plates are made of very strong iron cores. The surface layer of the barbells are wrapped with polyurethane material that will not damage the floor if fallen. It has a good protective wrap on the product.
The material is waterproof, wear resistant, and easy to care for. The barbell has three hand gripping holes that allow the plates to be easily picked up when laid on the ground. This makes the plates very convenient to use. The product has
undergone a rigorous drop test of 20,000 times from a standard height and no damage was seen.



Technical Parameters

Brand LivePro
Color Black + blue
Material polyurethane + cast iron
Weight range 1.25-25kg
Aperture 51mm

Product Features

Weight Accuracy

Each plate is accurately calculated and integrally formed with a weight tolerance of +/- 1%.

High quality polyurethane

The plates are made of high quality polyurethane material with matte surface particles. The textured surface is corrosion, heat, and wear resistant. They are not small, are not easily faded, damaged, deformed, or degraded after long term use. As compared to traditional plates, they are more quiet, making movements easier and safer.


Cast iron core

The iron core is embedded in the barbell to ensure hardness and stability. It helps the plate keep the original shape and will not easily deform the plates.

The strongest ring

Polyurethane is molded and cured around the iron embryo to ensure strength and stability of the barbell. The steel sleeve is coated with a hard chromium treatment that increases corrosion resistance. It does not easily rust or slag, making it very durable.

Hand grip hole design

There are three holes to ensure a better grasp on the plate when weight training.


The polyurethane layer is 6-8mm thick and effectively protects the ground and surrounding objects.

Various scenes

These plates are part of the basic foundation of fitness. They are suitable for various scenes, full body, functional, strength, and HIIT training. They are a wise investment for any gym.

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