USI 735 Lifting Grip

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  • Thermo plastic rubber
  • Etched surface
  • Soft grip reduces blisters


USI Universal’s grip pads are a minimal design product. Super comfortable & functional at the same time. Concentrated on grip & cushioning . There is a lot of room to breathe in comparison to traditional gloves. There will be less hand fatigue & you will be able to workout better. An ideal replacement for sweaty gloves.

About Brand

Why USI ? Cost: USI has been in the business for more than 60 years and the company prides itself on genuine pricing. The company makes sure that the retailers also make good margins. Trust: USI has generated a good reputation over the years. USI not only has a customer base in India but it also has a huge customer base all over the world. This depicts the trust that people have in USI. Quality: When it comes to quality, USI makes no compromises. All products manufactured by USI are of top notch quality. They make sure that the raw materials used to make any product is of superior quality. Safety: USI gives utmost importance to product safety. All the products are tested first and only once they clear the safety test, are they approved. USI products comply with European regulations on safety & hazardous materials. Comfort: Comfort is given highest priority at USI. They make sure that the materials, the linings which touch the user oozes of comfort. Research: USI has an experienced team that works extensively on research for all it’s products. It is because of the research that USI is able to manufacture products having appropriate strength to stand the regular wear & tear.

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