Viva Shoe Skates VS-120

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  • Material: ┬áNylon
  • Special feature: Highly durable, Fully assembled, More flexible, Non-slip, and Wear-Resistant.
  • Ideal For: Kids, Junior, and Children.
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane
  • Country of Origin: India


Choose this awesome Viva Roller Skate that is best for kids, juniors, and children. it is the best way for juniors to learn how to skate.

It comes with 4 binary ball wheels, two clips under the bottom of skates that use those clips for size adjustment, Laces up front for firm fit, and Adjustable soft belts for comfortable wearing. On every level, the Viva Shoe Skates are designed to help the beginning or recreational artistic skaters enjoy their time on the floor and improve their skills.

These adjustable shoe skates have an easy lace system and a Velcro strap that makes adjusting the skates simple.

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