Yonex Nanoray 72 Light Badminton Racket (77 Grams, 30 lbs. Tension)


Expertise Level Intermediate
Weight (Grams) 77 (+ /- 2)
Balance Point Head Heavy
Flex Hi-Flex
Grip Size G4 (3.25 inches)
Material H.M. Full Graphite
Stringing Advice 20 – 30lbs
Country of Origin China
Stringing Status Company Strung
 Full Cover Yes

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Add Mavis 350 @ 949

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The Yonex Nanoray 72 Light Badminton Racquet, endorsed by Rudy Hartono, the Yonex All-England Champion, offers exceptional maneuverability and control for players seeking precision in their game.

Yonex Nanoray 72 Light Badminton Racquet is designed for those beginners who want fast speed and high repulsion for smash and rallies. This badminton racquet is designed as per the standard specification. It gives you a nice grip when you hold the racquet while playing the badminton.

With its lightweight design, explosive speed, precise control, adherence to standard specifications, comfortable grip, durability, and stylish aesthetics, it’s an ideal choice to elevate your badminton game.

Prepare to enjoy exhilarating rallies, powerful smashes, and an overall improved badminton experience with this exceptional racquet.


  • Lightweight Design: The Nanoray 72 Light is ingeniously designed to be exceptionally lightweight, making it easy to maneuver on the court.
  • Explosive Speed: The high-repulsion frame ensures that you can react swiftly to your opponent’s shots and return them with equal ferocity. Whether you’re attacking with powerful smashes or defending with lightning-fast clears, the Nanoray 72 Light won’t disappoint.
  • Precise Control: The frame’s design allows you to place the shuttlecock exactly where you want it, enhancing your overall gameplay and increasing your chances of winning rallies.
  • Standard Specification: The Nanoray 72 Light is designed in accordance with these specifications, ensuring you’re using a genuine, top-tier product.
  • Comfortable Grip: The Nanoray 72 Light features an ergonomically designed handle that provides a secure and comfortable grip. This ensures that your hand won’t tire easily during extended play sessions.
  • Durability: This racquet is built to withstand the rigors of intense gameplay.
  • Stylish Design: Its sleek and eye-catching design not only reflects your dedication to the sport but also adds a touch of style to your gameplay.

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